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ITC Infotech Human Resources Interview Questions
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What is HRD?

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What is PCN?s?

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why did u select HR as your carrier

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what is quality of work life

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Recruitment and selection of HR in ITC company


how to calculate ROI?

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Hi, I have done MBA after BSc. When I attended Interview, wherever I go ask question like "why did you divert your education from science(Bsc) to management(MBA)". If I say "I am interested so i have done MBA" that will not be correct answer.Even I struck up with this question so many times. I couldn't able to answer this question confidently. could u pls suggest me how to answer this question.

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I completed my BSc with Mathematics and after that MBA in HRSo my question is if interviewer ask why MBA after BSc??

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ITC Infotech Human Resources Interview Questions

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