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ITC Infotech Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is the testing process followed in ur company?

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1.Unit testing ->integration testing->system testing->UAT in this where do u do the functional testing & regression testing? if these two done in each phase why should not mentioned in that ?

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what is monkey testing?

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Why UAT required

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1 )if you have 1000 test cases ,you find out one defect in second build that time which testing you are using Regression Testing or Retesting ? explain with detail as well as you want to execute all the test cases?

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what is mean by 1 )build = Who is responsible for build 2)Release = who is responsible for release 3)what is mean by license explain brefiely

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define risk management system with example ?


who will give severity and priority define with example?

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u have 1000 of delete button in ur application ,how to check it out,.one by one ? or how to check it out by easy way?

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1.tell me one bug what u find ur testing and how u ill fix severity and priority? 2.difference between web and window based testing? 3.bug life cycle?

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how to create automation frame work ?


what is the difference between regression testing and retesting?

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What was early release of Quality centre called?

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Puzzle:A rope, a match box are given.the rope takes 1 hr to burn off completely.the rope is not uniform.there is no watch with can u calculate half an hour of time?

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How can u swap 2 variables in C without using 3rd variable?

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ITC Infotech Manual Testing Interview Questions

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