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ITC Infotech Marketing Sales Interview Questions
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What is C&F agency?

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What are your short-term and long-term career objectives?

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what is channel sales?

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how can you convince me that you can do a sales job even though you don't have any sales experience.


how u increase sales in fmcg,or manager is ask u to increase sales in fmcg, how u can?

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Could you plz tell me in detail and with proper example that what is ROI and explain me with proper example that how will you calculate ROI of a distributor?with Example and Calculation.


What is Modern Trade ?explain in detail about Modern Trade ?

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What type of skills you are having. With respect to FMCG company?


How you wil manage dealer network?

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What elements of your job do you find most difficult?

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company give 3% but distributer asking 5% how to handel

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how we can increase natural visibility in a retail outlet of our company products without paying to the retailor?

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Why you change job in March this time is increment time


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ITC Infotech Marketing Sales Interview Questions

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