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ITC Infotech Solaris Commands Interview Questions
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I want to create a 30Gb of size in three different disks 10Gb,5Gb and 15Gb respectively in VxVm , how can we create it kindly explain step by step procedure.

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How can we take the failback in Veritas Cluster Server.

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How can we check the status of CPU at firmware

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If the /var file system is full then what you will do.

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In a two node cluster how can you bring the one of the node in maintenance mode.

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What is the basic requirement for cluster.

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How can you boot the system in single user mode? other than #boot CDROM/net -s

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I have single NIC card and we have two ports can we configure as IPMP?

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If /etc/system file is corrupted how will you recover it , if we dont have a CDROM then what is the procedure?

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What is meant by persistant binding?


May I know the difference between the RAID and Volume Manager?

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How to make SUN server as router in subnetwork?


How to add swap space in Sun Server?

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ITC Infotech Solaris Commands Interview Questions

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