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ITC Infotech JCL Interview Questions
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What does the keyword DCB mean and what are some of the keywords associated with it?

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I have 5 steps in my job. say s1, s2, s3, s4, s5 //s1 exec ............. //s2 exec ............ //s3 exec .......... //s4 exec ........ //s5 exec ............... my question is i want to exeute only s2 and s4 steps... please advice me how to do this:

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how to resolve the soc4 error?

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if time parameter is not coded on the job card and job step then what is the default time assigned to the entire job and for each step in the job by the systyem ?

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a input file contains 1000 records, how to move the first 500 record into one out put file and how to move to second 500 records to anothere output file

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ITC Infotech JCL Interview Questions

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