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ITC Infotech Informatica Interview Questions
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What are the different types of schemas?

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surrogate keys usage in Oracle and Informatica?

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how can we load first and last record from a flat file source to target?

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I have a scenario like - how can i load 1st record to Trgt1,2nd->Trgt2, 3rd->Trgt3 and again the cycle has to repeat with loading 4th->Trgt1,5th->Trgt2,6th->Trgt3?

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how do the project develops? pls specify right from the start to end in step by steps.


what is the difference between look up and joiner(don't say joiner sopport only = where as look up support non-equijoin).

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Can we use unconnected lookup as dynamic lookup?

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suppose i have source 101 a 101 b 101 c 101 d i want target like 101 abcd how will u achive this please give me the answer

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How do you join more than 3 flat files in informatica?

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ITC Infotech Informatica Interview Questions

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