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ITC Infotech Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is AVR and tell principle and working?

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How we do the maintenance of Servo motor, even we cant open it?


what is meant by dielectric breakdown ? where we using HV test kit & what purpose?

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In power plant synchronizing time (synchroniging meter should be 12'o clock position only. why not 6'o clock position not possible.

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what is the meaning of x,m,k in the relays?


I had attend the ITC (Indian Tobacco Company) interview (For Electrical maintanance).There they was conducted me a written test.And I was passed in that.Now They are going to conduct a Practical Interview in next round.Please help me what practical test they will ask............?


In our plant we are having 6.6 v motor wih MV drive running frm last two years.udenly at some speed motor getting vey vibrations what is the problem

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why the starting current of a motor is high?

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How to calcualte 1unit of current consumption?

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How it can worked plc based electrical system And which type of software using.


What is the technical name of minute currents that i have been produced in moving electrical objects?

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How we can measure the thickness of bus bar for a given load ? any farmula Plz elaborate clearly.

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how encoder works?

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How Diesel Generator start ?


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ITC Infotech Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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