why String class is immutable.

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why String class is immutable...

Answer / vikrant

Once a string object is created no changes can be made to
it. If a string is modified in code a new object will be
created. That is why string is immutable

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why String class is immutable...

Answer / rakesh soni

Any Program have 'Performance' and 'Memory' issue.
1. If you want to save your 'memory' then use the 'String'
class but 'Performance' will be decrease, because every time
new object create and old object memory collect by Garbage
Collector, so performance decrease.
2. If you want 'Performance', than use 'StringBuffer' or
'StringBuilder' object. These class's object consume more
memory but not create new object, so 'Performance' will
increase but with memory overhead.

So take decision according your code and issue. :)

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why String class is immutable...

Answer / kirthika

everytime a string object is created, it enters into the string pool and thereby this concept was mainly to enhance the response time if the same string is used elsewher..
therefore string class is immutable..

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why String class is immutable...

Answer / naru

String object is immutable that's why security maintain of
file chech .when connection is establic first os check the
String object if string is mutable that is big pain in
security issue...

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why String class is immutable...

Answer / rakesh

For save the memory and reduce the response time.
StringBuffer provide an alternet for String class object,
which is muttable.

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