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ABB Interview Questions
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when is the Ohms law is applicable?

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What makes the difference between 50Hz supply and 60Hz supply which one is economical? What is the use of using increased frequency?

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what is different between IP55,IP54 and IP66?

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I have one DP transmitter of range 0-500mmWC i have to calculate its range in M3/hr for flow measurement so whats the formula.

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what size of copper busbar use for 11kv 630A

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why CT output is always raetd 5.regardsof primery curre.

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Advantages of low voltage drive (control panel)

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what is the first step of dg shycroning ?

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what is a complexity of linear search,binery search?

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how to calibrate control valves & power cylinders & ultra sonic level transmitters


what is radar type level transmitters and its basic principle and how to calibrate it

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why plc need seprate earthing?

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where any change in supply line due to the incipient faults in three phase induction motor

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why diesel tank is earthed

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what type of qustions can i expect from soil mechanics

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ABB Interview Questions

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