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ABB Interview Questions
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wat is the difference between real power and reactive power..which is useful..?and how it s useful..wat is the effect of these on a power system...

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what is importance of ka in mccb

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what is meant by insulation voltage in cables? explain it?

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from which subjects most of the technical que will b asked for hpcl(electrical).pls help me



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During a temperature rise test of a bus duct, it is fed with 415 volts at 2000 amperes. Why dont we get an electric shock if we touch the bus bars?

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What is the difference between AMF panel and DG Synchronization panel? please define the working of both the panels?

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why 1.7Uo for HV cable Hi pot test?IE standard why?


How much ampere rating on LT side of distribution transformer and also on HT side of 200KVA transformer

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How to solve the problem of low voltage at consumer end in distribution system if one phase come low voltage of transformer

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What is the difference when selecting a cable between AC and DC current?

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What happens if the capacitive reactance of a transmission line is very high?

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Explain the working principle of variable frequency drive?


what is the procedure for three phase motor differential relay testing can it do with single phase test kit?

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What is Grounding? any difference b\w earthing? if yes plz explan??

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ABB Interview Questions

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