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ABB Interview Questions
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Why do not use fly ash bricks for waterproofing.

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what is ripple ??? what is harmonics ?

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how much current in live 11 Kv distribution Line?

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if we going for high voltage usages what are the considering factors, why those factors are effected.... please give me an answer related motor factors like wnidnig, frame, temp etc

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what is the function of 1 phase preventer?

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What is d role of reactive power in power system??How it produce & consume?

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can we use only a isolator in the subtation..

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what is the reson in a/c system that TPN TRIPPING


what is CFC logic in communication system? where do we require this for protection system

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why transformer rating is in KVA?

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what is mean by dual digital protection in the relay field?


how much mininmum length required to conduct a DC Hipot Test on 33kV AC Cable with 45kV DC? Is it 20meter or Less then 20?


Hello friends., my question is related to testing of current transformer... A Ct having knee point voltage of 750 volts., and I have two step up transformer's of rating 230 v to 440 volts., can I obtain the value of 750 volts by using the two transformer's.... If yes then how could I connect the transformer's to obtain knee point voltage?? thank you in advance

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Who we calculate the generator NGR resistant, generator voltage 11 KV ?

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is earthing is necessary if we use armoured cable

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ABB Interview Questions

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