Business Management Interview Questions
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why is it important for personnel management to know the reasons for staff leaving the organisation?

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who are the maincustomer of a personnel department and which two qualities are important for those working there to display if it is fulfil its purpose?


what is the main difference between the terms" contract of employment" and" contract os servive"


in which five areas under the health and safety Act 1974 does an employer have a " duty of care" to employees? which aspect of law governing health and safety is influenced by european legislation?


Aside from the requiement to be reasonable and fair, what action should an employer take when faced with a redundancy situation to alleviate this?


how do the benefits of using a CPIS outweigh the disadvantages?


what is the driving force in an organisation that will enable personnel management to its continuous improvement and achievement?



How will you generate intrest in the possible prospect while making a cold call?

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Doing an MBA thru Distance Education which University is best 1.Anna University-Chennai (or)2.Bharathidasan University-Trichy.

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what is the difference between aquisitions and mergers?

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What is meant by "C Form"? what are all its benefits in trading? Where it is used and Why it is used?

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What is meant by UGAI Collection?


what exatly leadership means?what r the qualities required for it?


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Please let know any good short term courses courses in Finance related to Stock markets as I would like to enhance my career in the invest banking sector.


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what is payroll? & what are the elements of payroll?

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I would want to know detailed information on derivatives Could please help me


2)Why do most of the controls of overall performance turn to be financial should they be What else should suggest


What are the components of an interated HRD system?


Who does technical bid evaluation and what does it means?


1) A Direct which does not does not deceive is no fraud critically examine this statement


did the division manager sets the goal in the best way?


hi frends, i completed mba in 2008,i worked as finance reseach associate in opi comp through consultancy. now my problem is when iam going other comp inteview they ask me is mab finace candidate selected through consultancy. can any body tell me how can i tell ans this


why n how the gold is inversely proportional to rupee value? thnx....


details about managerial effectiveness


describe a time when you anticipated potential problems and developed preventive measures


Dear friends, what are the labour laws related to unorganisaed sector labours.


Have you applied to any other areas apart from marketing?


why have you chosen management faculty?


i have done my mba finance ,but i did my graduation in bca .pls give me relevant ans when interviewer ask me question why did u change your feild?


Is there any difference between profile and a person?