Business Management Interview Questions
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why is it important for personnel management to know the reasons for staff leaving the organisation?

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who are the maincustomer of a personnel department and which two qualities are important for those working there to display if it is fulfil its purpose?


what is the main difference between the terms" contract of employment" and" contract os servive"


in which five areas under the health and safety Act 1974 does an employer have a " duty of care" to employees? which aspect of law governing health and safety is influenced by european legislation?


Aside from the requiement to be reasonable and fair, what action should an employer take when faced with a redundancy situation to alleviate this?


how do the benefits of using a CPIS outweigh the disadvantages?


what is the driving force in an organisation that will enable personnel management to its continuous improvement and achievement?



How will you generate intrest in the possible prospect while making a cold call?

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Doing an MBA thru Distance Education which University is best 1.Anna University-Chennai (or)2.Bharathidasan University-Trichy.

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what is the difference between aquisitions and mergers?

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What is meant by "C Form"? what are all its benefits in trading? Where it is used and Why it is used?

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What is meant by UGAI Collection?


what exatly leadership means?what r the qualities required for it?


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Please let know any good short term courses courses in Finance related to Stock markets as I would like to enhance my career in the invest banking sector.


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what is payroll? & what are the elements of payroll?

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what i say about my positive attitude in interview with example ?


The Director has been asked to cut the operating budget by 10%. He has asked you to prepare recommendations for reducing the budget. How would you approach this task?


How can you leverage new channels, tactics, and media to drive customer engagement and intimacy?


A. What kind of layout is used in a physical fitness center? B Explain how having more work in process inventory can improve the efficiency of a process. How can this be bad?


what is csr? d form


what do you understand is the purpose of business objectives and how are these influenced by a study of PESTLE and affected by a consideration of SWOT


What are the key performance indicators of Business process analyst?


what are the marketing challenges that diamond selling companies are facing as a result of the recent global financial crisis? and how best can these companies exploit those marketing challengies to improve their market situation?


What type of sales cycle is most rewarding to you? A long cycle for a big ticket item or a series of smaller, more frequent sales.


i was looking for a general example for time management and how everything is linked together so i can have a complete picture. when i say link i mean with OM and PA and work schedule,planned working time, other relevant infotypes, personnel area and subarea and their groupings, etc...


advantages and disadvantages of international trade


about hrd


This is related to Medical Transcription field. As i am above to get the call from the company, I just want to prepare for the interview for the post of Auditor and I have just never faced the telephonic interview and very rare attempted the interview in companies as I have worked for very few companied.


What are the steps in processing a suspension or termination of an employee?


group discussions