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Which book I should refer for designing heat exchangers and reactors?    1  1315
where are the auto variables stored in c language?    1  2133
what is static identifier in c language?    0  548
differences between pass by reference and pass by value in c language?    0  291
what are macros?what are its advantages and disadvantages in c language?    2  11841
what are the differences between malloc() and calloc() in c language?    0  357
in header files whether functions are declared or defined in c language?    2  5310
what are the differences between structures and arrays in c language?    1  1168
what is a structure in c language?    0  284
what is a pointer in c language?    0  222
what does static variable mean in c language?    0  680
Q-Explain the different load conditions that will produced different offset which may or may not be acceptable to thhe control function reliance   0  603
how to calculate earth fault relay current and CBCT ratio ongc   0  2196
during the period of armature reaction ,if the brush shift is not accomplish, what happen?    1  787
if a.c supply is given to the motor,, what happen? l&t   0  457
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Un-Answered Questions
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How much earthing frequency is capable? 336
Pls send me the papers for Section engineer exam for railways.Its on 9th oct-08.Its urgent.My id is 544
l&t switch FN 63 handle position can we change 784
what is different between relay and plc? 1374
What causes friction in the cylinder? 264
send me HPCL paper 3390
There is air in a room . the top and bottom of the room are at constant temp. T1 and T2. DRAW THE temp profiles if a. T1 greater than T2 b. T1 less than T2 305
can we use ZNyn11 transformer instead of Dyn11 transformer in distribution for effectively eliminating harmonics from the industrial loads. 1349
Why humidity limit is 30 to 55 % for raw material storage? 1508
Is Diesel staorage tank ( 800 litres) cleaning procedure is available with any body 372
a) we have 30nos., 300mm dia, 4m length double under reamed piles.calculate excavation quantity.b) tell concrete qty. also. 4239
One FIU19(E) Flexbus LED is steadily on. What is the meaning? How can a Laptop PC be locally connected to a FIU19E? What is the maximum capacity of a FlexiHopper radio link operated by a FIU19(E), that is equipped with two 4x2M plug- in units? Which of the listed combination of indoor units support 579
Why coupling should be located very near to the bearing? Why lap joint not recommended for tensile force? 704
how to calibrate and troubleshooting of leveltroll? 448
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