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for concrete cubes samples.. what if the 7 days gain the strength of 42.34 mm/2 and the 28 days only gain the strength of 37.5 mm/2?    1  1639
how u meassure a room temp?in rtd or themo couple?    4  3419
What happen to generator if i have unbalanced load? tcs   0  349
In gas and water who's density is greater and why?    5  2356
what is the use of CW(Circulating water ,clarified water,cooling water),auxiliary cooling water(ACW),auxiliary raw cooling water(ARCW)in thermal power plant.plzz explain the different characteristics of these types of water. ntpc   0  1354
In power plant synchronizing time (synchroniging meter should be 12'o clock position only. why not 6'o clock position not possible. itc-infotech   1  935
how should we take soil sample for CBR test?    1  3301
how to calculate transformer load? lanco   0  595
What is the density of cement?    10  5399
What is the density of steel?    6  6008
why we need of power factor correction? give advantages    3  2377
Can we make invoice for Intersate with 12.5% CST    2  970
how to derive kg/cm2 to mmwc? complete derivation. l&t   11  14714
1- what is steel rebar cover? 2- what is a rebar stirrup?    1  740
what is bond strength of concrete    1  2742
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Un-Answered Questions
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A motor running with lenze frequiency inverter stops if I REDUCE SPEED with 25% load.If I run it in High speed and medium speed running smoothly with full load.please help me to solve it. 201
what is natural frequency & how to find it? 298
Why are the superalloys sometimes subjected to secondary melting processes? 713
What is RAC?(Real Application Cluster).Explain in Detail. 938
Operation of isolators. 4
can u split the Point code switch(PC) 540
In Rankine Cycle we use the concept of Tm(mean temperature of heat addition).In actual cycle the efficiency comes as n=1-T2/T1 Taking Tm into consideration it comes as n=1-T2/Tm as T1>Tm so the efficiency for both case will not same for a same cycle. Can anybody explain how it is possible? Advance appreciation for your effort.Thanks 953
Dear Sir, I am Shariq Sami. I joined BHEL as a Supervisor Trainee in May 2009 on diploma basis, right now i am an assistant Engineer and posted at Noida. I have completed my bachelor of engineering from Jamia Millia Islami, New Delhi.I am Planning to appear for "BHEL ET" exam this year. I want to know,is there any previous year question papers will be available like we have for GATE exams or you feel it is no need? Can you please guide me? Kind Ragards M.S Sami, Contact No. 9891090742, 9250250988, 0120-2545796 435
You are of electrical field and you are going for software? Why 677
what is the working principle of energy saver control panel. please give the complete calculation & theory. 521
what is static identifier in c language? 559
any book or article on pumped concrete. 423
can dp type level transmitter work in under vaccum condition 23
what is the use of commutator in dc motor if we supply ac ? commutator is used to convert ac to dc.and it is used to arrange the flux in unidirectional in case of dc supply. if we give ac as supply to dc motor what is the use of commutator? 341
what is transmission ?how transmission is done in nokia 3G? 388
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