Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the difference in Cement content for M-20 Concrete if y ou use OPC & PPC? What is the difference in the Curing Period?

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what is SPLICES & where it is used?????????????

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Explain mechanism of fatigue failure.


What does Magnetic Neutral Axis

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what is mathematical relation between ac to dc current how will convert Iac=50amp to Idc

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why we use 4-20 mA for calibration of the instruments.why we cant use 0-20 mA?

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why output is out of phase in case of common emitter?


What is mean by vector group? For what purposes we doing vector group test in transformers?

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whow we find out dc motor field aur armature resistance

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how to make aeroplane?


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how many types erthig

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What is the substitute of Mastic Asphalt?


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why oil lift in screw chiller during change of climate.



why we do not megger to motor under system is very high vaccum condition. and what is the tempreture of vaccum conditon



How much KVAr bank reqired for 630 KVA transformer on full load for maintain power factor upto.99

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Un-Answered Questions { Engineering }

if there is 30% loss in cooling of an ic engine then to reduce that it is ok to supply 30% less fuel? why?


what are basic step involved in embedded system software development?


how does a soft starter works


how the calculation of faut current level


what is the operation involved in tubelight?


how to calculate labour strength for work for RCC,brickwork,blockwork,in &out plaster,flooring,dado,door frame & shutter,painting etc for constructing highrise building?


Would you please provide me with questions collected for interview regard to pressure vessel, which is in the aspects of welding, NDT, materials and painting? Please send these questions&answers to within 1 week, Thank you for your help. Rgs!


Difference between Earthing Truck & Earthing trolly for HT panel


Civil engineering related


3. Tell me about a time when you had too many things to do and you were required to prioritize your tasks.


what is the difference between 4pole & 6pole DC Motors & give advantage ?


Where the Induced draft, forced draft & balanced draft furnace are to be used? Selection of furnaces are based on which criteria?


how wecalculate breaking capcity of acb mcb mccb .explain with example


hi all i have doe cheical engg, but i have to go for iob po interview so can anybody suggest me abt the kind of qns that can be asked.


either water sensor or flow meter,how we observe the water level, f any other equipment are in market ?