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what is auto transformer ibm   3  1712
why we step/down voltage in multipul of 11kv? siemens   4  1689
how to calculate the dry wt of sand and cement for a required design mix?for ex:M20    0  522
what is CL in CL100 transistor? wipro   1  3767
What are your personal skills and abilities for such a Master Course and your possible preparation to undertake this course?    0  415
what are your career plans upon completion of the programme and the relevance of recity generation to your professional development?    0  304
in conclusion why we select you?    1  1130
where does stuffing box is placed    3  1106
how to overhaul control valves.what are the proper procedures. qafco   1  8984
Is any AC drive(VFD) had a feature of DC injection braking? if available please mention the detail. i.e drive can supply braking torque when the motor in idle state.    0  362
why dc supply given to ac alternator rotor    3  3682
what is mechanical tata   4  1888
Why we use duplex coil and hook switch in telephone system?    0  1661
If I need to purchase a step-down transformer (from three phase 33kV 50Hz to 400/230V), what additional information do I need from the main supply power line?    1  1485
what are the C&D CHECK OF DG set hcl   1  2717
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Un-Answered Questions
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Why and what cause of leak fuel oil in high pressure pipe of main engine? 318
How video signals are produced? 394
Can we indroduce the principle of single phase induction mator to Transformer? i.e. by Producing rotating flux in the transformer. 517
What are the key inputs and factors considered to plan the number of SGSN/GGSN if you have to set up a Greenfield network? 1212
Dear friends, i am a student of mechanical final year in rajasthan. If you have any type (Technical,interview, aptitude) of question paper related to BIRLA CEMENT LTD. than plz send me these paper at thanks 429
how can LED bulb indication work correctly without CT OR PT for 3 phase indication if one is cut then it will show the correct indication? 5
i need some objective type questions in instrumentation 2481
Explain the term parallel path in dc machin ? 382
what is mean by drives? 239
Providing and casting in situ cement concrete M-25 of trap/granite/quartzite/gneiss metal for rcc, Providing formwork,Curing the concrete and Complete. what is rate per Cum. and what is rate for M-30 Grade Concrete. 330
why should we use 20mm graded metal only in vrcc?why we shouldnot use 40mm metal? 3191
Explain the different methods used in the choice of rotor slots for reduction of harmonic torques in an induction motor. 216
Please mention any books for electrical design load calculation for industrial,commercial(to select cable,breaker,bus bar,stator,) 802
Hello sir i finished my BE computer 2009 batch. I'm not gud at programming like 0 knowledge and i'm not interested in it too . Except this programming field is anyother option to afford into a new one ??????? can anyone help me plz 440
How does HT work & Voltage required? 483
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