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write encoder 17 pins details? pin a;b+, pin b;w+, s & t. what is the meaning of b+, w+? explain;    0  404
working principle of current sensing relay? how its work?    1  3054
definition of transponder?    1  891
what is derating factor in cable? what does it mean if derating factor is high/low in terms of thermal resistivity of soil?    0  749
Sir if i have 2kv ups in which 17ah 8 battries load 600watts how much back up time i get and if i put 6kv ups with the same no of battries same amp can i get more back up time please give reply exactly what is the procedure to calculate back up time for different kv,s    3  2233
what is the difference between Mitsui MAN b&w and Hitachi MAN b&w engines?    1  3867
what is the meaning of electrical maintenance?    2  7320
difference between analog pressure gauge & digital pressure gauge?    1  3154
how to control motor load with rpm or vfd    1  2360
how to control pid    0  321
why in scott connection of transformers, main transformer is tapped at 50% and teaser transformer at 86.6%? bhel   4  10553
What are the complete specifications of a motor?. rrb   2  2319
What is meant by M20 grade of concrete???    3  6305
Hi, We have have the major losses between BBT ( Bus Bar Trunking) to LT Incomer & LT to HT incomer, how to arrive the losses?    1  1094
What is the IS standard for MCCB to be use (As per capacity of AMP)& for ACB also.    0  349
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Un-Answered Questions
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What happen when the expansion valve is excessively open? 289
How much fuel is to be burn for production of 1 ton steam? 379
reinforcement slab, beam and column formulas? 593
How is the connection of the tap changer on the HV side been made? 318
how to electronic energy metter failed in electomagnectic fild passing in the metter and which thing to defect more on metter. 356
what is invertor supply and raw powersupply 310
Please nybody say, weather the result of Bharat Oman is declared or not? Probable date of declare??????? 288
What can you contribute to the progress of our Company as an employee if you are selected? 3132
Explain the benefits of using standard terminology in the measurement process?(Tendering and estimation) 2099
WAP in Java to print the format A B A B C D E D E 544
Scaffolding IS code NO. 554
why we use the ac supply load cell>?can we use the dc supply load cell?advantages and disadvantage of the ac supply load cell? 2590
How do i right a ladder diagram that has 1 actuator that performs a full stroke followed by a half stroke 393
How can calculate the rating of a servo stabilizer for given a specific load 1614
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