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how to placeing reinforcement in slab?    2  1548
In VVVF drive voltage is varying in accordance with frequency.My question here is How much will be the voltage in the inverter side if the frquency is set for 10Hz ?    1  402
what is mean by mmwc?    1  1133
in transformer which grade oil will use?    3  570
Why do we need ring main unit (RMU). what is its purpose and its advantages . what is the operating function of rmu    2  1507
What is NUMBER OF RUN for power cable means?    4  706
we have taken HV test of 2.5 k and Megger test on 11 kv HT it shows no fault but when we are charging the same cable with 11 kv supply why the VCB 11 kv gets tripped can anybody define the possible cause of fault ? mahindra   3  793
what is 11kv cable bscpl   1  592
What is George phenomena to start the synchronus machine?    0  559
how to generate power in engine tafe   0  403
what would be the design load of R.C.C Cooling tower per cell.? cpmt   0  125
1) why a dg set shows variation of power factor and load when synchronised with other dgs? 2)Why the load sharing is not become equal in all dgs?. 3)When a dg set will not run on auto start?    0  116
how to create new innovation what are the supporting sources in the electrical field for Electrical engineers.....?    1  263
why transmition and distribution and genaration of voltage in multible of 11 means 220v,440v,11kv,22kv,,, on    3  572
At 765Kv, I have seen the use of PT at line side for metering and CVT for protection, although as far as my knowledge is concern, PT at this voltage level will have huge loss and more cost as compared to CVT as CVT can also perform same function of Protection and Metering? So my question is why use PT and not CVT for metering and protection in order to reduce the cost.    1  324
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Un-Answered Questions
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Dear Sir/Madam,im going to attend Hpcl written exams on feb 17th in instrumentation stream..can anyone send me the HPCL model papers and pattern of HPCL ....i ve not yet attended anything in i dont know how it just i need some model test papers and pattern ..pls help me friends... 280
What is critcal speed. what is resonant frequency. why we want to cross crtcal speed on higher RPM (early). 119
Greeting to all members, How to calculate spill current when we have different ratio CT and Class for REF(Low Imp) I have 500/1A 5P20 @line side n 400/1A CL.X @ Neutral. 135
Draw a 230kv two-bus bar system showing the following. 1.Two generators (150MW) each connected through one 15.75/230KV transformers 2. 1 outgoing lines 3. Two 230/130 KV transformers 4. BUS PT's 5. CT 144
How does the steam work in a steam turbine? 147
how to success for interview 228
what is meant by negative sequencing in power system.explain in detail 209
What is WPS? 112
what is allowed value of zero sequence impedancce of 6.6 kv nuetral earthing transformer ?what is the actual value 139
operation of carrier aided protection and what is the basis for choice of frequncy in powerline carrier system 939
i want the aptitude test papers of wipro can any one help plz 238
what is studds? where it can be done? 277
What is location update? Why do we need location update? 150
how to determine the correctness of proportion used in cement mortor and various IS codes to determine the same? 111
compare brayton and otto cycle 464
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