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Gearpump is running but discharge valve is closed so, what difficulty in pump?    0  129
What is blower? Partlist of blower.    0  110
How can check gear pitch?    0  114
what is modbus,profibus,fieldbus    2  1953
what is the safety of ACB & VCB and how can this work and how can the service the ACB & VCB parts name with picture wipro   2  3664
how can maintain the power factor and why and this is how do work tell us wipro   0  112
what is the AC Plant and how can do the work with parts and picture tell us 150 Tr wipro   0  128
what is the use of conrol cable..?    1  354
what is the star delta connetion and how can do it a three phase motor with control witing with picture wipro   0  166
where are the circulat the diesel in DG parts name with pictue wipro   0  126
how can see the ac indoor or out door ac which Tr wipro   0  106
Control valve question what is the meaning of cauge.?what is the use of cauge?    1  1064
ACB & VCB how do work and saftes and how can maintenance in this and parts name show with picture mukand   0  220
how can tell us the AC indoor or outdoor which Tr and formulls mukand   0  92
pls tell us AC plant are how do work and parts name with picture mukand   0  119
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Un-Answered Questions
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when load increase in generator in island mode, why turbine rpm is reduced 503
as a student of 2nd yr which is the best place for me to do my summer training and plz also tell me the complete procedure for the entrance? 255
what reason of line current and phase current in star connection and line current and phase current not equal in delta connection? 168
if the load is 80 amp for main fuse and 100 amp for breaker so how can we calculate the cable size (cooper ) . 180
What are the advantages and disadvantages of screw harmatic chiller respect to centrifugaal chiller machine? 286
write test cases for cases 258
please send me previose rrb junior engineer qustion papers 180
what is capacitor voltage transformer?? how it is different from potential transformer? 120
i having three wire RTD but i want analog input signal 4 to 20ma to Allen Bradly how to connect this one.pls clarifie me. 187
what is concrete canvas? 245
we can run 2phase as 3phase .what will be the differnce with respect to phase angle, power, current between the two modes 163
type of welding 436
what is mean by restructuring power system? 95
Meaning of the following a. IOP- Manimum; b. IOP- Maximu,; 154
why the check zone and main zone are used for Busbar Protn. scheem? 211
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