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if the piston ring & liners changed after that if problem arising again of back compressor? tata   2  2185
Why the gear drives said to be power transmitting device?While it transmitting motion only. infosys   2  1893
Is there a lower limit to the gland surface finish for static O-rings, gaseous system? surface finish table lists 0.41-0.81 micro-meters for static gaseous systems. What is the drawback of using a smoother surface finish lower than 0.41?    0  262
How to calculate the moment of inertia for a circuit board?    1  1050
what would be the minimum flow rate that we can measure on rotameter..? tata   0  466
How can find thermal state value in relay for calculate thermal overload.    0  252
How can calculate thermal overload in relay? abb   1  1807
why only exciting current is shown not primary current in transformer???    0  252
what is thyristor, how is it works sony   0  701
what is thyristor, how is it works    1  980
briefly explain about your project? please tell me about this answer . my current project is ERP domain web based application.please please help me ibm   0  369
when elecromagnatic waves are propogated in a wave guide?    0  292
what is debugging? wipro   0  350
what is vfd(variable frequency drive)?type of vfd.    1  2244
what is temperature compensation?    1  2543
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䑰ҕ䔈ҕ䖠ҕ䘰ҕ䛀ҕ䝐ҕ䟐ҕ䢐ҕ䥐ҕŹ 300
A well system is when , no. of bus bar is less or more. Tell me the concept of it. 251
can u tel me d question paper of gail? 2481
what is x'mer ,isolation x'mer & yltra-isolation x'mer????? 338
If UG power cable both ends are to be earthed or what? If not why? 278
we have require a Motor (1500kW, 6.6kV, 50Hz) which shall operate at 1500rpm during 30min and after it shall run on 500rpm during 15min. The same cycle shall be repetitive during the whole working days. Which method is best and economic to achieve such type of task. VFD, VVFD, Pole changing motor etc. 311
Which software model is best suited for the Maintenance kind of project? 810
pls give me ans to ACT formula cube testing porpuse 1089
How do you compute moisture correction using the parameters gathered from Nuclear Density Gauge Apparatus and the moisture contents results from the lab.? 437
my data card only does run in my mobile so how can change it that it run other mobile & computer and i can stor data in my data card 364
What is the steam consumption formula? 1664
How many square meter can mason layout chb per hour 90
What is the profile of QA engineer 344
in ct secondary one terminal is connected to earth why? 311
What are the weight of 800KV DA,DB and DC type tower ? 1358
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