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what is key word driven frame work how to use keyword driven frame in QTP in a project


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waht is the difference between QTP 8.2 and 9.0 version

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How much time it will take for regression testing


6 Manual Testing 7523

What is use of writing Test cases

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Test cases on uplaoding files


12 Test Cases 58321

How to explain testing life cycle where exactly testing starts after coding stage or after preparing FRS document

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what are test metrics

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what is the purpose of writing testcases

12 Test Cases 25724

What are drawbacks in system development life cycle

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can anybody please send me important scripts in qtp

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Difference between actions and functions

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I want to install qtp software in my system, My operating system is vista . Anybody please suggest me how to get QTP software with licence key

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Waht are Data sets?


might be combination or sets of data to prepare testcases

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What did your base your test cases?



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What is the Waterfall Development Method and do you agree
with all the steps?


when customer requirements are clear and constant we will
go for waterfall model we will get clear doduments at each
and every developmental stage

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Question { STC, 21157 }

wat is the role of tester in SDLC


Role of a tester in sdlc is performing functional and
system testing

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Question { CTS, 5954 }

wat is ur involvement in test plan


Test lead is involved in preparing test plan
test entgineers are no way related in preparing test plan
role TE is testcase design ,and execution and bugtraking
and reporting them

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Question { CTS, 48460 }

contents of test plan


test plan consists of
features tested and not be tested
acceptance criteria
suspension criteria
testing approch
tool to be used
risks and contengencies
staff and trainning needs

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Question { CTS, 11786 }

wat is test deliverables


Test deliverables are nothing but documents preparing after
testing like test plan document testcase template
bugreport template
correct me if i am wrong

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Question { CTS, 11727 }

why feature not to be tested in test plan


some areas in the project low priority modules and low risk
areas that features are not tested and specified in the
test plan

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Question { CTS, 4270 }

wat is build duration


it is a tine gap between old version build and new version
build in new version build some new extra features are

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Question { CTS, 7050 }

wat is test scenario


test scenario describes a situation to prepare a testcase
to test a specific functionality correct if i am wrorng

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Question { Polaris, 5340 }

apart from bug reporting wat is ur involvement in project
life cycle


As a Test engineer We design test cases,prepare testcases
Execute Testcases, track the bugs, analyse the results
report the bugs.
invovled in regression testing, performance of system
testing system intergration testing
At last preparation of Test summary Report

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Question { Polaris, 9197 }

wat is ur involvement in user acceptance testing


user acceptance testing 2 types
alpha and beta
alpha testing is done in company by test engineers before
delivering the software in to client site this is done by
test engineer

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Question { Polaris, 5148 }

do u know abt descryptive programming


By using decriptive programming we can write the scripts
and execute the scripts when Object repository is full we
will use decriptve programming

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Question { Tech Mahindra, 5715 }

how to report reviews


Through review report document

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Question { Tech Mahindra, 8480 }

if the object is identified by QTP & also virtual object
wizard then which object will added to object repository


I think object indentified by the Qtp

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