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do u know abt descryptive programming

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do u know abt descryptive programming..

Answer / vamsi

Descriptive Programming is a common script which is needed
in different scripts . With out excecuting this script
every time we use this Descriptive Programm.

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do u know abt descryptive programming..

Answer / pavankumar

Descriptive programming can be written even before the
application is ready. it can be written without objects in
object repository.

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do u know abt descryptive programming..

Answer / venkat

Descriptive programming is nothing but without using OR, we
can execute the scripts. Objects information written in the
program itself.

For Ex:
Name").Set "Venkat"

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do u know abt descryptive programming..

Answer / sirisha

By using decriptive programming we can write the scripts
and execute the scripts when Object repository is full we
will use decriptve programming

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do u know abt descryptive programming..

Answer / prasad

before the application is ready we can prepare the script
but it is not descriptive programing, its called Odinal

Descriptive prog: in this no need for Object Rep.with the
help of Object spy we can create the script.

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