Steam boiler HP steam pressure constant, but when steam
consumption increase boiler drum pressure increase, Please
give me a better idea, how I can enplane over all relation
pressure,flow & velocity>
Thank you.

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Steam boiler HP steam pressure constant, but when steam consumption increase boiler drum pressure i..

Answer / sunil

drum pressure is incresed by changing setting of boiler
it is required to supply large amount of steam so it is
required to increase pressure drop......this increases
velocity of steam there by flow rate of steam is increased

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Steam boiler HP steam pressure constant, but when steam consumption increase boiler drum pressure i..

Answer / chetan h malaviya-slpp

If consumption increases means flowrate increases for &
also u have to maintain drum pressure so u should increase
the firing ultimately due to that drum pressure will be
incresed. Q =A*Velocity where area constant & flow is in
increasing trend so resulting in increasing in velocity

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