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what is lithipone?

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what is lithipone?..

Answer / teja

Lithipone is a white is amixture of BaSO4&ZnS.

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what is lithipone?..

Answer / srinivasarao

Lithipone is a white pigment,(mixture of BaSO4 and ZnS.Used
in interior paintsand in some enamels

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what is lithipone?..

Answer / ram najar kushwaha

Lithipone- white pigment
- mixture of (BaSO4&ZnS)

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what is lithipone?..

Answer / sai

it is a paint base

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what is lithipone?..

Answer / rameshkumar sabbam

Lithipone is mixture of BaSo4 and Zns.And it is used for
ion exchange reactions.basically inks, leather, paper,and
face powder

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what is lithipone?..

Answer / biomaster

This is one of the lead pigment obtained by mixing uranium
sulphate and zinc sulphate solutions.

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