A reflex klystron function as

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A reflex klystron function as..

Answer / ashutosh mishra

It function as an oscillator for some part of energy is
feedback from i/p to the o/p.The phase shift is also 180

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A reflex klystron function as..

Answer / white tiger titus

to generate the microwave freq. ex: 8ghz,12ghz etc

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A reflex klystron function as..

Answer / srinu

microwave oscillator

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A reflex klystron function as..

Answer / hsoniv

functions as amplifiers

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A reflex klystron function as..

Answer / parveen singla

an microwave oscillator that generates freq in range of 8-

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A reflex klystron function as..

Answer / prathap


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A reflex klystron function as..

Answer / vijayakumar.tc

Micro Wave Oscillator.

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A reflex klystron function as..

Answer / jayu.kannurkar

as an amplifier at microwave and radio frequencies produces
low power energy signals in superheterodyne radio receiver.

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A reflex klystron function as..

Answer / hussain

it will act as same as oscillator because it is used to generate oscillation.

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A reflex klystron function as..

Answer / sruthi

multi vibrator or switch

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