what is the difference between KW and KWh?

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what is the difference between KW and KWh?..

Answer / mohamed ali.m

KW mean ( Example one Equipment capacity) kwh mean ( that
equipment Consumption of units)

Motor Capacity : 11KW (EX)
per/day Energy Consumption ( 11x24=264 Kwh units)

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what is the difference between KW and KWh?..

Answer / bbr

KW is power
KWh is energy

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what is the difference between KW and KWh?..

Answer / narayanan.d

kw means load power(apperant power),kwh means active power
(consume per hours in units)

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what is the difference between KW and KWh?..

Answer / jim

A kWh is a measure of energy, whilst kW is a measure of
power. Power is the rate at which energy is used. The
difference between energy and power is like the difference
between distance and speed.

(Answer inspired by article at
http://www.energylens.com/articles/kw-and-kwh - only fair to
cite the source.)

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what is the difference between KW and KWh?..

Answer / manoj s patil

Let us take an example,
if you say 1kW,the device consumes energy of 1kJ of energy at 1sec. this tells you the power consumption.

if you say 1kWh, this means, the energy consumption is 1*3600=3600kJ of energy. this only tells the total amount of energy consumed.

if your house electric bill says 100kWh/month, then it means to say that you have consumed 360000kJ of energy.

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what is the difference between KW and KWh?..

Answer / siva

Kw is power kwh is reactive power (Power consume per
hour )

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what is the difference between KW and KWh?..

Answer / rachit


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what is the difference between KW and KWh?..

Answer / dev

Kw is capacity of plant which it generate in standard
concition or consuption capacity of equipmet which it
required. Kwh is use if kw in one hour eg. 1 machine of 1
kw is on for 1 hour then its rating is 1kwh.

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what is the difference between KW and KWh?..

Answer / deepan

kw is active power kwh is apperent power.kw is constant
kwr is depent upon pf.

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