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different regulator ICs

different regulator ICs..

Answer / chenna

7805/7905,7812/7912,7824/7924,317 etc

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What is the difference between productivity and productive system?

0 Answers  

Let’s say we live in a country that gets very cold, in Northern America / Europe. In winter, we monitor the ouside temperature, so that heaters can be switched on, inside the house. The idea is that, the colder it is outside, the warmer it should be inside. The heating side of things is just a heater that is either switched on, or switched off. Just from the information that has been given, please discuss this matter in depth. Provide reference to OPEN / CLOSED loop control, FEEDFORWARD / FEEDBACK control and MODULATING / ON_OFF control raised in the discussion.

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What is difference between Hazard & Risk

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What is Industrial Engineering?

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dear friends, pls tell me why silicone oil is used as dielectic medium in pressure transmitters

0 Answers   Essar,

why in industries it is specified as .2 to 1 kg/cm2

1 Answers   Bhel,

What you know about ISO 9001? What is quality management system? Weather QMS is suitable,adequate and effective or not? Is there any Quality Policy? Is there any Quality Objectieve? If yes, then what are they. How they are planning to achieve Quality objectives? Weather they are measuring quality objectives?

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What is process planning?

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start-up procedure of a centrifugal compressor

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Why CNC machine installed in dustproof room. Pl.brief in detail.

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give comparison of three wire & two wire sensors.

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i want piping routing interview questions ?

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