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How servo stabilizer works.

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More Electrical Engineering Interview Questions


1 Answers  

draw a circuit diagram connecting transformer OLTC- RTCC- VCB-Marshalling Box otherwise Explain in words

1 Answers  

why the inserting resistance in wound rotor induction motor decrease the starting current and increase the starting torque

2 Answers  

why transmission voltages are in multiple of 11kv?

10 Answers  

why voltages are multiple of 11 or 1.1???describe with derivation plzzz.thanks

2 Answers  

how to calculate cooling requirement of datacentre from electrical load?

0 Answers  

What are the different sizes of cables for H.T and L.T side of supply?

7 Answers   Bhel, BSES, Karthik Industries, Lanco, Nedco, Shilpa Electrical Engineers, TATA, Torrent Power,

why the active power flow of some line is increased when the active power of out is cut ?

0 Answers   TAFE,

what is the basis for selection of Protection CT class ? How anyone can decide whether to go for 5P10 or 5P20 ?

3 Answers  

what are the units of cable insulation?

3 Answers  

Draw an S.L.D of the main panel for a hospital, showing meter position. Essential loads are: 1) Equipment load 100 KW 2) Critical load 500 KW 3) Life AID Safety load 400 KW 4) NON-Essential load 200 KW 5) Other service loads 200 KW Calculate and suggest the size of the transformer, size of main cable, capacitor bank, and calculate the capacity of an emergency load having above first three mentioned loads is supplied by an emergency generator.

0 Answers   FEWA, HMK,

why the transformer secondary voltage is more than the load end voltage like t/f 11KV/433V for 415V(terminal voltage)

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