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What is APFC Panel????

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What is APFC Panel????..

Answer / nishi

APFC is a automatic power factor control panel which is
used to improve the power factor, whenever required, by
switching ON and OFF the required capacitor bank units.

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What is APFC Panel????..

Answer / gaurang

APFC Panel stands for Automatic power factor correction
panel,It is used to improve the power factor Upto 0.99 to
1.00 which is mandatory to improve Electricity saving of
APFC is having capacitor bank unit so whenever we want to
improve power factor we can just the capacitor bank unit.

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What is APFC Panel????..

Answer / balaji

APFC panel is for automatic power factor correction. in some cases of industrial applications the loading pattern of the entire network of the industry will change time to time. so if you connect a fixed compensation. it will not be in position to compensate exactly what is required. but in case of APFC panels you will have a microprocessor based relay which helps you to sense the load current instantaneously and the particular MC relay will hunt for capacitors to compensate and power factor improvement will be automatic.APFC is nothing but steps of capacitors connected to the contactor in turn connected to the breakers and relay.It doesnt require much of the manual support as of fixed compensation is concerned. Your power factor will be improved automatically, APFC will have a step by step compensation.

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What is APFC Panel????..

Answer / bala

The apfc pannel widely used in automatically power factor improvement in industry side or etc....apfc pannel basicaly used in improvement of power factor ....leading 0.99 below

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What is APFC Panel????..

Answer / mayur bhilare

the power factor is aprow unity (0).so the apfc is the capacitor bank its case the PF stand to unity

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