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What are the minimum acceptable insulation resistances of
insulation of underground cable suitable for 0.440kV,11kV,
33kV and 66kV?

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What are the minimum acceptable insulation resistances of insulation of underground cable suitable..

Answer / hardik vyas

A Thumb Rule for acceptable IR value of vable is (Rated
KV+1)M Ohm. i.e if you have 11 KV cable then accepted
value vill be 11+1=12 M Ohm

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What are the minimum acceptable insulation resistances of insulation of underground cable suitable..

Answer / emmanuel

Thumb rule for IR value of a cable as we all know in (rated
KV +1)M ohm . Thus for XKV cable the reated inulation
resistance value is ( X kv +1) Mohm

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