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if dc motor can operate by ac supply ? if its possible
means how ?

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if dc motor can operate by ac supply ? if its possible means how ?..

Answer / rahul ganthade

It depends on whether the field winding of the dc motor is
connected in series or in shunt with the armature
winding.If it is connected in series,the motor will rotate
since the torque,which varies as the product of the
armature and field current is always positive.Thus,a
positive average torque causes the motor to rotate,however
the pulsating nature may cause the commutator segments and
brushes to wear out.
Thus only small sized dc motors may be used with ac supply.

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if dc motor can operate by ac supply ? if its possible means how ?..

Answer / rafi

Yes, it is possible,

irrespective of ac or dc, the current flowing at any point
of time in the rotor and stator in dc motor will produce
the torque in same direction.

try reversing the polarity of DC supply for a dc motor, it
will rotate in same direction. Applying AC supply is
similar to reversing the supply polarity 50 times in a sec.
so even if you apply AC the motor will run in same

I hope this clarifies the query

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