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DGs fuel and lube oil filters are not equal to one
another.Why it is so.For example one MTU enginee fuel
filter is one and lube oil filter-02nos other DGs are
more.Please explain

DGs fuel and lube oil filters are not equal to one another.Why it is so.For example one MTU engine..

Answer / shal

may be up to 200 Milli volts

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what are the advantages by using IGBT in VSC HVDC than thyristor in conventional HVDC

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mostly the questions were from machines... d.c. machines, transformer, synchronous and induction all theory paper........ few from power system... but the level of paper was easy.....

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what are the different sizes of U.G. cable & where these cabl;es are used according to voltage ..

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Why does the phase voltage of two healthy phases become equal to the line voltage in case of an ungrounded neutral 3 phase star connected sytem when a single line to ground fault occurs ?

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Which motor has high starting torque

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why a tester wont shock while testing the power in house

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wat's the procedure to take short circuit current for cable selection

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What is meant by analogous system?

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transformer 3 ph, 225 kva pri 480v, sec 208v. primary neutral connected to system, is secondary neutral to be grounded and how

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Why the isolation treasforfer are connected at out put of the ups ig 200kva ??????????????????

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For a spring controlled governer the relation F = ar+b (F is the controlling force, r is the radius of rotation a and b are constants), indicates that the governer is

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A.V.R maintains the voltage of a generator when it is in island mode but when the generator is synchronised with grid it maintenance the P.F,how it happens please any body explain it in detail.

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