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In UPS what does 600va reffer to?

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In UPS what does 600va reffer to? ..

Answer / sukhvinder

600 VA means capacity or power of ups.

600 VA is equal to 600*0.8 (p.f)= 480W.

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In UPS what does 600va reffer to? ..

Answer / govind bisht

The capacity of UPS.It means the UPS can handle full load
upto 600VA i.e not a real power(KW). real power also
depends on power factor of UPS.suppose Pf of UPS is .8 the
real power UPS can deliever i.e 600*.8=480W

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In UPS what does 600va reffer to? ..

Answer / kiran kumar cheruku

Volt-ampere (VA) is a measurement of power in a direct
current ( DC ) electrical circuit. The VA specification is
also used in alternating current ( AC ) circuits, but it is
less precise in this application, because it represents
apparent power , which often differs from true power

In an AC circuit, power and VA mean the same thing only
when there is no reactance . Reactance is introduced when a
circuit contains an inductor or capacitor . Because most AC
circuits contain reactance, the VA figure is greater than
the actual dissipated or delivered power in watts. This can
cause confusion in specifications for power supplies. For
example, a supply might be rated at 600 VA. This does not
mean it can deliver 600 watts, unless the equipment is
reactance-free. In real life, the true wattage rating of a
power supply is 1/2 to 2/3 of the VA rating

The VA figure is nominally 1.67 times (167 percent of)
the power consumption in watts. Alternatively, you can
multiply the VA rating of the power supply by 0.6 (60
percent) to get a good idea of its power-delivering
capability in watts.

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In UPS what does 600va reffer to? ..

Answer / om prakash

600VA means one can draw power 600VA at a any
combination i.e 100Volt*6Amp= 600VA or 200Volt* 3Amp= 600VA
It is just like the rating of an electrical Equipment

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