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we have 1000 litre water tank,it located at 25m hight from
ground level,the water level on 10m below from ground
level.for fill the tank within 1 hour,how much of motor
rating(HP) want to select?

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What's the difference between a generator using 50Hz and 60Hz? When do we need to use a generator 50Hz and 60Hz?

3 Answers  

Why frame of the motor is specified?. If we mention KW and voltage level,automatically frame is decided or separately frame is compulsory to mention?.

0 Answers   DAE,

why is the transmission voltage is multiple of 11?

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can any one suggest paper presentation topies for electrical engg?

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At which time Synchronous generator act as a Synchronous Condenser?

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v=I*R, i.e V is directly proportional to I. now P=V*I. so V=P/I. thus v is inversely proportional to I. so what is the correct one? If both are correct than for which kind of condition this 2 differ

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What is the accepted limit to increase the choosen transformer capacity over the load and why ?

2 Answers   Asec,

why rating of generator is kva but motor is kw ?

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The simple way of finding the leakage quantity and % in compressed air distribution system

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The rating of Transformer are 11KV, 22KV, 33KV instead of 10KV, 20KV & 30KV?

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what will be the neutral to earth voltage while checking by the Digital multimete? and why?

1 Answers  

we have require a Motor (1500kW, 6.6kV, 50Hz) which shall operate at 1500rpm during 30min and after it shall run on 500rpm during 15min. The same cycle shall be repetitive during the whole working days. Which method is best and economic to achieve such type of task. VFD, VVFD, Pole changing motor etc.

0 Answers   MTN,

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