A field declared as P8 needs to be redefined as
Alphanumeric. What would be its new size?

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Answer / shailesh jha

Its new size would be A5. P8 Stores in compressed format
having (n/2+1) bytes.

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Answer / madirtere

The redefined size is A5.

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Answer / ajmina gilani

New size should be A5, as P8 will take 5 byte to store. But
when I have tested with redefining P8 by A5, it is not
displaying proper value for redefind veriable.

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Answer / surya

It should be redefined as A8.

Reason: even though the P8 occupies 5 bytes of memory
it is internal to the memory allocation. But to accomaodate
8 characters you need todeclare a alphanumeric character of
length 8.

dont be confused with memory allocation awith the

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Answer / mg

The new size will be A8

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Answer / praby

should be defined as A8 and it wil take 8 bytes

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Answer / dd

I think directly this conversion is not possible as packed
decimal is used for numeric value fields only.
Since it is p(8) so the numeric value field size should be
15 or 16 as [8 can be either (n+1)/2 i.e. (15+1)/2 or ( n/2)
i.e. 16/2].
So we can say (n15 or 16) will be (P8).
Alternatively (A16 or 15)

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Answer / harish

Should be less than or equal to 8, but not more than 8.

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