control variable in online screens

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Answer / sundar selvaraj

A control variable is used to dynamically set attribute and
colour definitions for a field or group of fields depending
upon a program condition. For example, Consider an order
processing screen that allows you to create new contracts,
modify existing contracts and look-up paid-up contracts.
The screen used for all these functions is the same.
However, when a paid-up contract is shown to the user, you
do not expect it to be displayed in a modifiable state. So,
you protect all the fields of the map and show it
like "read only". However, for modifying an existing, non-
paid-up map, you enable certain fields. So, control
variables can be used in scenarios like this to dynamically
set the attributes of the field.

I hope this answers your query.

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Answer / jaydip chakrabarty

A control variable is is defined with format C and can be
used to assign field attributes dynamically. It could be
assigned during the map design (element level) as well as
during the programming (statement level).

Example :
1 #ATT(C)
1 #A

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Answer / jamil ahmad

In a layman terms, a control variable (#CV (C) does only
two but very useful functions.

1. Do you want the user to overlay the field with new value
or you want to protect the field, for example, if an Order#
is a system generated number, you would want that to be

2. If the fields not protected, was it a modified?
For example, if the SSN was modified then validate it
otherwise take no actions against the field. Juts my 2 cents

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