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why using touble tube lamp use in factory?

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why using touble tube lamp use in factory?..

Answer / rajendran

In order to reduce the stroboscopic effect, we are normally
using the twin lamp fittings in the factories...

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why using touble tube lamp use in factory?..

Answer / ramadass - loop mobile, mumbai

Normally lights gets ON & OFF as sine wave cycle (peak or
Zero) respectively. In case of two TL fiiting, we have to
use a Capacitor in series on One TL circuit & 2nd ckt to be
as usual.
Now 1st TL is ON & another is OFF and next time 1st TL is
OFF & 2nd is ON, so that we can see the rotating parts
(motor etc) without break.

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why using touble tube lamp use in factory?..

Answer / jain c

can you give some details about stroboscopic effect Mr.

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