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1. What are the different levels of Management?
Describe the role of the people at each level of management?

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1. What are the different levels of Management? Describe the role of the people at each level of m..

Answer / veeru (jai mata di)

level of management refer to a line of demacation between
various managarial positions in organisation.the levels of
management depend upon its size,technical facilities,and
the range of production,we generally come across two broad
levels of management ,1,administrative
management,2.operating conecerned with "thinking"functions
such as laying down poicy,planning and setting up of
standards, operative management is concerned with the doing
functions such as implementations of policies,and directing
the operations to attain the objectives of the enterprises.
the real significance of levels is that they explain
authority relationships in an organisation,its
chairman,manager,managing director,or the chief
execuitve,or the gernal manager or executive commetee
having key officers.

1=top managment=of a comapny consists of
owers/shareholders,board of directors,its chairman,managing
director,or the chief executive,or the gernal managers
comitee having key offiers,

2,middle management=of a comapny consists of heads of
functions departments viz purchase manager , production
manager, marketing managers, financial controller, and
divisional sectioanl officers working under these funtional

3,lower level of operating manger=of a comapny consists of
superintendents,forman, supervisor,etc,

although the above classification of the different levels
of management is not rigid,the hierachy of authority and
responsibilty designed to secure a systematic sequence of
operations can be well illustrated in the form chart.

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1. What are the different levels of Management? Describe the role of the people at each level of m..

Answer / sandeep david level
2.middle level
3.lower level

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1. What are the different levels of Management? Describe the role of the people at each level of m..

Answer / russel

There are 3 different levels of Management:

1. Top level/Administrative level

2. Mid level/Executive level

3. Supervisory level

There are a few good resources on the web that detail these models in a comprehensive way:

Good luck!

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