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How would you describe yourself?

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How would you describe yourself?..

Answer / anuradha

I would describe myself as a very ambitious , hardworking
and sincere girl.I am enthusiastic about taking up new
challenges in life.Friendly and joyful is what my friends
would describe me as.

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How would you describe yourself?..

Answer / saurabh pandey

i would describe me hard working ,dissip;lined,fast
learning ,very ambitious always learn from mistake and
opttimist and have skill to give my 100% in adverse

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How would you describe yourself?..

Answer / santosh v mhamunkar

I would like to describe myself in single line and that
is, "START to END" it means i like to START and stand upto

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How would you describe yourself?..

Answer / tina

I myself stand for a cause , to achieve is my motto and to deliver is my duty ..... i could never be restricted to what i can become ...... its all what i am , may be on work or in life.

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How would you describe yourself?..

Answer / pranav.s.bhatt

i would describe myself as an assest to any organization i
work with and work for.

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How would you describe yourself?..

Answer / shahnaz khatoon

my name is shahnaz khatoon.Basically i am from jamshedpur jharkhand.I have completed my bsc.biotech from holkar sci college indore with an aggregrate of 73%.Although being from sci background i am very much interested in banking sector.and i am satisfy with this.

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How would you describe yourself?..

Answer / pankaj

my self chhanariya pankaj. iam come from merupar. iam veru
hardworking person. whaever work i take i finished by hook
or cook.i am very hard working strenth is self

if i wrong describe my self pls u tell me what is right?

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