suppose if you added a coloumn to db2 table, How would it
be the Impact analysis?

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Why we use  "OCCUR"  with multiple occurence DS(Data Structure)?

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how can we repair a soc-7 error?

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what is u r recent task in insurence project?..plz tell how to tell this.

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Can we give +2 instead of +1 while creating a new gdg file?

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How do you pass pointer PL/1 main procedure to sub procedure?

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Explain ibm z?

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I would like to know some real time questions.. please any one help me.. If the changes made by you .. lead to system inconsistency how others will know its cause???

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what is the use of overlay keyword

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Can you define an alias?

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how do u code a copy book in ur pgm ?

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01 T1. 02 month-day pic x(30) value ?jan,31, feb,28, mar,31, apr,30, may,31, june, 30? 02 new-day redefines month-day occurs 6 times 03 A pic xxx. 03 B pic 99. What are the content of A(3) and B(2) respectively A)mar,31 B) Feb,28 C) 28, Mar E)Mar, 28

1 Answers   Accenture,