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What is the function of the verb initialize?

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can any body give me any website for getting help on mainframe projectts in banking domain.

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What is the facility that allows mainframes to be partitioned into lapars?

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How can we extract data from IMS DB and load it onto oracle database by converting it.Pls someone help me

2 Answers   TCS,

Describe the benefits of drda?

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what error do we get in prodution support and questions on production support

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What is the function of the verb initialize?

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GO TO stmt which of the following is not true A) GO TO stmt is not essential in the sense that it is possible to write programs without using GO TO B) The target of the GO TO stmt being a procedure name avoiding GO TO result in a program with no procedure name C) Indiscriminate use of GO TO stmt can make the control structure program substantially complex D) Too many GO TO stmts make a program difficult to understand

2 Answers   Accenture, IBM,

How much memory does variable of 6 decimal (15, 2) take in PL/1?

1 Answers   IBM,

What is the distinction amongst include and copy?

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What is database descriptor?

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What is the difference between the mro & isc?

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what is difference between file-aid tool and file-aid utility?

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