Why do you want to join us?

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Why do you want to join us?..

Answer / laxmikant

becoz i think i will get the best oppurtunity to prove my
skills and abilities on this platform

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Why do you want to join us?..

Answer / mohamed ali

for my past work experience. I am qualified to the required
level, and have a very good knowledge base. so that I hope I
will be satisfied for my work in your company.

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Why do you want to join us?..

Answer / om prakash kumar

beacuse i have done bachelor of business managment, in
during study i learnt various types of stratgic rules and
regulations of the business.how company's brand establishs
in the market soon. i have ablity to work well under
pressure. i love traveling.

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Why do you want to join us?..

Answer / smita jain

I want to join ds company bcoz, ds company has the platform
which will help me explore my talent n make me realize my

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Why do you want to join us?..

Answer / raksha

i want to join you bcoz work enviorment of the organisation
is very suporting and the work experience of my seniors
in the organisation will enhance my theoretical knowledge
with others experience.

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Why do you want to join us?..

Answer / rishikesh mishra

You should already know this before you apply for a job. Before you send a resume or apply, you should research the company and see if it is a place that you feel your talents will be used and that you would enjoy working there. If you are just blindly sending resumes out to anyone that may be hiring, you never know what kind of job you will get.

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Why do you want to join us?..

Answer / pankaj shukla

beoz you are best i done good work in past.

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Why do you want to join us?..

Answer / guest

i want to salary&experiance

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