Name the different control schemes of electric rive.

Name the different control schemes of electric rive...

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When we change the tap position of 10MVA transformer it suddenly tripped with Out of step indication and also with Static differential relay indication, Transformer Bucholz relay indn and Low oil level indication. Before 1 week the same problem occured by changing the tap position. but at that time only oltc bucholz relay activated. After testing the TxR Relay team & PET team cant find any solid reason. The values are ok also. So plz answer wat's the reason for this incident? anybody plz help.

3 Answers  

what is the constructional difference in generator if we want to genearate 6.6kv instead of 440v?

1 Answers   Anglo Eastern,

How to connected to energy meter, pt, ct, ammeter, voltmeter and selector switch.

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What is real time power factor control panel(RTPFC)?

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what is the difference between isolation and insolation ? please explain in detail with example.

5 Answers   ABB,

whether fibre optic cable in high voltage earth conductor is used for protection circuits

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How to select circuit breakers rating eg. if i select a circuit breakers of capacity 40 amps DC with operating voltage 28 volts and if i what to use same circuit breakers for 300 Volts DC application what is the current rating of this circuit breakers.

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why fault current always calculated for 1 seconds?

3 Answers   Coca Cola,

Dear sir,We have a 7.5hp motor,it was running smoothly and suddenly one winding is carring more current then others(r=6.5,y=6.3,b=10)..whts wrong with tis...?

5 Answers   Hindustan Motors,

What is the meaning of burden and class of accuracy of CT?

1 Answers   Home,

Why the steam turbines are run at high speed where as the hydro turbines are run at low speed?

1 Answers  

a distribution transformer(3 phase)supplying 440volt per suppose one of phase voltage(230volt) becomes zero.what will be the cause ?

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