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The effect of reheating is

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The effect of reheating is..

Answer / sachin borse

Maximum tmeperature in gas turbine is limited from
metallurgical point of view. More heat you add more you can
get power output. In t-s diagram as you move your point in
s axix away from zero you will get increase in work output.
This will also increase t. To avoid this i must break
expansion in more than one stage. add heat between stages
(reheat.)Advantage of reaheat is it gives more power output
for given size and weight of gas turbine.

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The effect of reheating is..

Answer / karthick

while the gas is allowed to expand inside the turbine its
temperatue in its lower stage,erosion of
blades take inorder to avoid that reheating is
done.when the gas is being expanded inside the turbine,it
is taken off from the turbine,reheat it and then allowed
inside the turbine to expand.this is known as
reheating.reheating reduces the thermal efficiency

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The effect of reheating is..

Answer / yashvant

in last stage of hp turbine steam become wet which errod
the blade of turbine so reheating is done to increase the
steam tem. also it increase the efficience of rankine cycle
because the area under the T-s digram increases and also
the isentropic expansion line shift toward the vapour line
in saturation curve.

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The effect of reheating is..

Answer / karthick

reheating is done when more than one turbine is used to
expand the steam.firstly,it is expanded in a high pr
turbine where the pressure and temp are reduced.then it is
allowed to expand in low pr turbine.when the steam comes
out of high pr it will be almost in wet if it is
allowed to expand in another turbine means corrosion of
blades takes the steam is reheated in a reheater.

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The effect of reheating is..

Answer / guest

in reheating we expand the engery in minimum input and reuse
of that enargy which is use

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The effect of reheating is..

Answer / babu

to avoid the erosin of turbine blades.

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The effect of reheating is..

Answer / pushpendra

increase the work out put from turbine & prevent corrosion
of turbine blades

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The effect of reheating is..

Answer / sandip

It increases tharmal energey in tharmal power plant.

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The effect of reheating is..

Answer / ankit singh

use of reheating also increases the heat to be supplied...
so overall thermal efficiency may decrase

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The effect of reheating is..

Answer / vignesh

added info, reheating becomes costly as the capacity of
plant increases. for 5000mw 120bar plant it is economical..
out of all methods regenerative heating is the efficient one

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