What is WebService ?

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What is WebService ?..

Answer / chaitali

Web Service is an application to use for intract tha
application to another application over Internet.

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What is WebService ?..

Answer / sandy

Web Service--->is nothing but " Programmable and reusable business logic
with set of classes presented on the web server ''

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What is WebService ?..

Answer / subhash

a software system designed to support interoperable
machine-to-machine interaction over a network

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What is WebService ?..

Answer / nizath ali.u

Web Service is an application, that provides processing
services from a server to the application over the internet.

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What is WebService ?..

Answer / rajender chauhan

Web Service is an application to use for intract between
two or more web as well as window application on DIFFERNET

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What is WebService ?..

Answer / prashant

Web Services are business logic components which provides
services throught internet using standard protocols such as

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What is WebService ?..

Answer / suryakumari

It publishes bussiness logic which will be accessible to
any language application on any platform

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What is WebService ?..

Answer / praveen reddy

Web Service is an application which is used for interacting
several users over the network.

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