ADABAS basic concepts. Like inverted list, address
converter ,data storage

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Answer / nagendra rampuria

with evry descriptor inverted list is associated which
tells about all the values of the descriptor with their
counts and the ISNs of the records.

Address convertor is associated with an adabas file whic
tells the block number of an ISN

Datastorage has all the blocks which contains the record.

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Answer / niki

ADABASE the adaptable database, is a high-performance,
multithreaded, database management system for mainframe
platforms where database performance is a critical factor.
It is built on INVERTED LIST model.

Inverted List: it is used to resolve Adabas search commands
and read records in logical sequence, is built and
maintained for each field in an Adabas file that is
designated as a key field or “descriptor”.t is called
an “inverted” list because it is organized by descriptor
value rather than by ISN.

ADDRESS CONVERTOR:it contains the RABN's in ISN order. It
determines the physical location of a record. It is an
index that maps the logical identifier of a record (that
is, the ISN) to the relative Adabas block number (RABN) of
the Data Storage block where the record is stored.

DATA Storage:It stores the actual record in the order in
which it was entered

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