how to measure the voltage drop in cables also give
formulas to calculate.

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how to measure the voltage drop in cables also give formulas to calculate...

Answer / ajay daultani

Voltage drop ( % ) =1.732*I * L* (( R *(cosfie) + X*sin
(fie ))* 100 /( n*v*1000)

where I is load current
L is length of cable
R - resistance
X - reactance
fie is angle calculated by tan^-1 ( R/Z )
n is number of runs
v is voltage

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how to measure the voltage drop in cables also give formulas to calculate...

Answer / nagaraju .n

In an cable resistance is depending on
length ,crossectional area, tempreture,

find the specific resistance of the cable:R=RWO*A/L.


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how to measure the voltage drop in cables also give formulas to calculate...

Answer / ashish

Voltage Drop For Different Type of Cable Is As Specified By
The Cable Manufacturer In Terms Of Volt/Amp/Length(meter)
so with the Help of that We can Calculate The Voltage Drop
Practically At Most 10% Voltage Will Be allowed

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