tell me about intnx, intcx functions?

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tell me about intnx, intcx functions?..

Answer / natrajboga

the INTCK function counts the number of intervals between
the two dates

where as INTCX function advances the date or time values
by a given interval and returns a date or time values

for example:

data xxx;
count= intck('week','1aug1998'd,'31aug1998'd);
proc print;run;
the result would be 5 (it represents the no of weeks)

data yyy;
count= intnx('month','1aug1998'd,1);

proc print;run;
the result would be the 1sep1998. becaz it corresponds to
the beginning of the next interval.

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tell me about intnx, intcx functions?..

Answer / vimal

INTNX not only adds the dates.. it also subtracts..

count= intnx('month','1aug1998'd,-1);

it will subtract one month from 1aug1988 and gives us the output.

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tell me about intnx, intcx functions?..

Answer / ramesh varma

intck is tells you between dates.
intnx is tells you adding dates

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tell me about intnx, intcx functions?..

Answer / swati

INTCK( interval, date1, date2 )
Gives the difference of dates between date1 and date2

INTNX( interval, date, n <, 'alignment' > )

It increments the date by the n value

I am beginer,I have answered this at my knowledge.

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