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What is treasury?

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What is treasury?..

Answer / mranalini

Treasury is the fund of government or institution or

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What is treasury?..

Answer / sourabh

it's a word derived from "Treasure" means cash or other
liquidated assets with anyone. so the treasury mgmt. means
to efficently manage that resources to get maximum benefits
or appreciation in that. It's include fund mgmt., curreny
mgmt. & analysis of fluctuations in diffrent mode of

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What is treasury?..

Answer / neerja

In general terms, is a place where stores of wealth are
deposited or where currency or items of high monetary value
are kept.
In financial terms, its the for center of financial
opertions within a comany.

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What is treasury?..

Answer / k. pullarao

In capital markets, treasury means repurchasing/buy-backing
the shares of the company from the outstanding market by
company itself and held in an account is called treasury.

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What is treasury?..

Answer / krishna manohar

Treasury is the fund of government or institution or

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What is treasury?..

Answer / anil inc hsr

tresury bill is instument issued by govt and sime-govt on
the behalf of the is a short trem instument its
maturity period is less than one year.

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What is treasury?..

Answer / induja thiruvengadam

treasury can also be called as TREASURY BILL....which
will be issued in MONEY MARKET....which is for short term
benefit....contrast to CAPITAL MARKET which consists of
issuing shares.....


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What is treasury?..

Answer / reddysrihari

Treasury is any place where the currency or items of high
monetory value are kept.

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What is treasury?..

Answer / bharath kumar

Treasury is bank account, where the all Cash transaction
will record in corporate level.

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What is treasury?..

Answer / sumitra shrestha

Treasury is to plan, organise and control cash and
borrowings so as to optimise interest and currency flows,
and minimise the cost of funds. Also to plan and execute
communications programmes to enhance investors confidence
in the firm

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