How can u Sale Your product if your product rate is high?

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How can u Sale Your product if your product rate is high?..

Answer / manish

Every products have a fixed price which involves every
expanses for a product from the production house to the
market.Why the rate is high from its competitors is the
subject of USPs.If we include unique features with the
product then it counts in its USPs.So to give more emphasis
on its USPs, one can sale the product in spite of its rate
in compare to its competitors.Today each customers are very
much quality consicious.

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How can u Sale Your product if your product rate is high?..

Answer / vineet panwar meerut

i m egree above ans
but i want to say something more
firstly we will discribe the feature of produt
if our produt price is high it has some reason
it has some more addition feature and quality and company
for example
if we talk about the cell phone and compare nokia and other
company phone than will choose the nokia phone because
mostly people know about the company status so

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How can u Sale Your product if your product rate is high?..

Answer / ambrish arora

it is easy to sell your product at higher price by
satsfying the buyer about product proformance, higher brand
image, better after sale services and also by convincing
customer about the easy availibility of original spare
parts at reasonable prices.

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How can u Sale Your product if your product rate is high?..

Answer / debasish chatterjee

well first I would like to ask customer whether he/she
would like to go after quantity or quality.........after
getting his/her answer I will say that Sir/ Mam...."QUALITY
ALWAYS BETTER THAT THE QUANTITY" if you are looking for a
value aided product against your precious money then we can
give you the most trusted brand which has got an excellent
quality.apart from that we will provide you a great after
sale service,and I can assure you that you will be very
proud after possessing this great product ant it will show
how classy you are of choosing your product.

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How can u Sale Your product if your product rate is high?..

Answer / vikram singh

i would like to say tht if a product carrying high rate definately it would containing high quality and can be also high volume but quality is must.i would convinence a customer by the unique features of the product and USP's or POP(point of pairity)also.easy availability of the product etc..

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How can u Sale Your product if your product rate is high?..

Answer / ganesh sarang

selling a higher rate product is very easy, higher rate product has many advantages & benefits, just tell all the advantages & benefits your product is sold.

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