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basic mechanical oriented questions

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basic mechanical oriented questions..

Answer / govind

all the mechanical properties

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basic mechanical oriented questions..

Answer / senthil.sparkx

it composed of design, selection of material ,
materialproperties, fluid flow, heat transfer,etc

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basic mechanical oriented questions..

Answer / paramasivan


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basic mechanical oriented questions..

Answer / tasaddaq husain


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basic mechanical oriented questions..

Answer / sayyam

thermal condutivity

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basic mechanical oriented questions..

Answer / jai guru

What is Ductility,plasticity,hardness,stress,elasticity,
fatigue,degree of freedom,thermodynamic equilibrium?....

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basic mechanical oriented questions..

Answer / syed usman

malleability,hardness,ductility,tensile strentgh,plasticity

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basic mechanical oriented questions..

Answer / saurav

Everything 4rm thermal engineering to production
engineering, or fluid power, mechanics, designs.
all are good basic mechanical oriented questions

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basic mechanical oriented questions..

Answer / vijay

defined mechanical?
It's a part of sciense.its defined as by the done on work
will give some energy called the mechanical

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basic mechanical oriented questions..

Answer / prasanth

Ductility-it is the property of the material to elongate while applying the tensile load and becomes its original shape after removel of load.
Plasticity-It is the property of the material to under go the permanent deformanation under load.
Hardness- "Resistance of metal to plastic deformation, usually by indentation.
Stress-the load applied per unit area.
elasticity-Elasticity is the way a material initially responds when it is subjected to stresses. Elasticity refers to the material's ability to deform in a non-permanent way, meaning that when the stress load is removed from the material it will recover its original form

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