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what is diffrence b/w joner and union transfermation

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what is diffrence b/w joner and union transfermation..

Answer / murali


to join source data from two related heterogeneous sources
residing in different locations or file systems. Or, you
can join data from the same source.

If you need to join more than two sources, you can add more
Joiner transformations to the

You cannot use a Joiner transformation in the following
Either input pipeline contains an Update Strategy
You connect a Sequence Generator transformation directly
before the Joiner transformation.


The Union transformation is a multiple input group
transformation that you can use to merge data from multiple
pipelines or pipeline branches into one pipeline branch.

The Union transformation merges sources with matching ports
and outputs the data from one output group with the same
ports as the input groups.
Similar to the UNION ALL statement, the Union
transformation does not remove duplicate rows.

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what is diffrence b/w joner and union transfermation..

Answer / nagaraju bhatraju

joiner doesn't require marching ports to join ,
both shoud be from heterogenious sources.

union requires two flows with same no of columns and both
columns of the two flows orders should be same to produce
the combined flow .

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what is diffrence b/w joner and union transfermation..

Answer / dillip

Joiner transformation is horizental transformation
but union is is vertical trans formation

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what is diffrence b/w joner and union transfermation..

Answer / chandrp

At the maximum a join trasformation can join only 2 tables.
but union transformation will join more than two tables at
a time.

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what is diffrence b/w joner and union transfermation..

Answer / ashu alle

joiner transformation supports homogenious and
heterogenious data..

union transformation supports only heterogenious data

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what is diffrence b/w joner and union transfermation..

Answer / singh.

hello Chandrp . ur answer is wrong.
in my view join T/r can join more than 2 tables
try with 3 flat files. then u will get the result.

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