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What is a Database Request Module(DBRM)?

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What is a Database Request Module(DBRM)?..

Answer / sunil1405

A DBRM is the output of the precompilsaton. The DBRM will
be having the name of the member name. It contains SQL
source statements extracted from the appl. program

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What is a Database Request Module(DBRM)?..

Answer / s

Precompiler replaces the SQL statements with a call to DB1.
The SQL statments from the application program are written
to a PDS member called DBRM.

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What is a Database Request Module(DBRM)?..

Answer / velmurugan

it is the member of the executing library

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What is a Database Request Module(DBRM)?..

Answer / mani d

Pre-compiler replaces the source module SQL statements to
Host language(COBOL) CALL statements.DBRM will hold the
HOst language call statements.Then this will undergo for
BINDing on Compilation process.

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