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would anyone tell me what are the expected real time
questions in the interviews

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would anyone tell me what are the expected real time questions in the interviews..

Answer / ramesh lavanuru

About the rolls,tasks assigned,documentation, bugs and
solving the bugs...


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would anyone tell me what are the expected real time questions in the interviews..

Answer / cnubandi

About Documentation
That is AIM
and About Customizations and Some issues..........


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More Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions

im interested making my careein oracle financials platform. my bkgund is btech cse,MBA in mkt,hr.having hr work. pls suggest me .wht can i do

1 Answers   Oracle,

what is the difference between Financial and payable options in Accounts Payables?

2 Answers  

why we have to reverse the journal entries after Revaluation?is it mandatory if why?

1 Answers   Oracle,

It is mandatory to difine Approval Suppliers ?

3 Answers   FIC,

I have requirement where the Invoice given by supplier is in USD, but the payment can be done in GBP. Is it possible in AP?

4 Answers  

What are the types of journal categories available in the AP?

2 Answers   DELL,

Define suspense account in Oracle apps and why is it mandatory?

4 Answers   Oracle,

What are the different ways for automatic closure of a Manually Created Purchase Order if the item selected for the Purchase Order is an Outside Processing Item and the Purchase Order is linked to a Work Order?

1 Answers   Apps Associates,

What is meant by void payments?

3 Answers   TATA,

Item is not showing in the items list, what is the reason for that in backend?

1 Answers   Cap Gemini,

Hi All., Can Any one tell me how define the receivable options in AR. what are steps should be followed for creating a receipting workbench.

1 Answers  

Where we r defining the payment limits. ex:As per my business requirement business have a payment limit is 10000.Where we defined this type of limits.

2 Answers   Oracle,

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