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What are the types of RFQ”S?

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What are the types of RFQ”S?..

Answer / kranthioracle

as raj said there are three types of rfq but i will explain
what they mean

standard ---- it is one time purchase.
bid ---- is used when the items are less & price is
very high.
catalog ---- when the number of items are more.

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What are the types of RFQ”S?..

Answer / raj

There are three types of RFQs are there
1. Standard

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What are the types of RFQ”S?..

Answer / phani

There are three types of quotations and RFQs that come with
Purchasing by default:

Catalog: Used for high-volume items or items for which your
supplier sends you information regularly. A Catalog
quotation or RFQ also includes price breaks at different
quantity levels.

Standard: Used for items you'll need only once or not very
often, but not necessarily for a specific, fixed quantity,
location, and date. For example, you could use a Catalog
quotation or RFQ for office supplies, but use a Standard
quotation or RFQ for a special type of pen you don't order
very often. A Standard quotation or RFQ also includes price
breaks at different quantity levels.

Bid: Used for a specific, fixed quantity, location, and
date. For example, a Bid would be used for a large or
expensive piece of equipment that you've never ordered
before, or for an item that incurs transportation or other
special costs. You cannot specify price breaks for a Bid
quotation or RFQ.

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What are the types of RFQ”S?..

Answer / jyothi

Three different RFQs

1.Bid RFQ -- For fixed quantity with no price breaks (discounts)

2.catalog RFQ -- For the items ordered very frequently and
for large number of quantity .can specify price breaks

3.Standard RFQ -- for the items which will be ordered not
very often or once.Include discount information at different
quantity levels.

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