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What do you know about us?

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What do you know about us?..

Answer / guest

Company profile - Few points

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What do you know about us?..

Answer / chandhruponnurangam

it is the one of the biggest refinery in tamil nadu.and
also for the biggest company in manali.

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What do you know about us?..

Answer / r. gopal

It is a big company

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What do you know about us?..

Answer / n.maharajan


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Why methanol like petroleum compounds are stored in underground storage tanks?

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What are the different characteristics that can affect the flow of bulk solids and how?

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how to calculat suction head in centrifugal pump?

2 Answers   IOCL,

What are some common problems associated with bellow expansion joints?

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How does a tank-blanketing valve operate?

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What does the catalytic converter on an automobile really do?

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What does Dew point -40C mean in an air drying unit.

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Question 62 – The names of the flow streams could be represented by : H1 for first hot stream, H2 for second hot stream, C1 for first cold stream, C2 for second cold stream. Data of supply temperature Ts in degree Celsius : 150 for H1, 170 for H2, 30 for C1, 30 for C2. Data of target temperature Tt in degree Celsius : 50 for H1, 169 for H2, 150 for C1, 40 for C2. Data of heat capacity Cp in kW / degree Celsius : 3 for H1, 360 for H2, 3 for C1, 30 for C2. (a) Find the enthalpy changes, dH for all streams of flow H1, H2, C1 and C2 in the unit of kW. Take note of the formula dH = (Cp) (Tt - Ts). (b) Match the hot streams H1 and H2 with the suitable cold streams C1 and C2 to achieve the maximum energy efficiency.

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Explain some good strategies for curing tube vibration in shell and tube exchangers?

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QUANTUM CHEMISTRY AND CHEMICAL ENGINEERING - EXAMPLE 31.6 : In N + 1 Rule in Quantum Chemistry, whenever a spin 1 / 2 nucleus is adjacent to N other nuclei, it is split into N + 1 distinct peaks. In 1 peak or singlet, there is only 1 magnitude. In 2 peaks or doublet, the ratio of magnitude of each peak is 1 : 1. In 3 peaks or triplet, the ratio of magnitude of each peak is 1 : 2 : 1. In 4 peaks or quartet, the ratio of magnitude of each peak is 1 : 3 : 3 : 1. In 5 peaks or quintet, the ratio of magnitude of each peak is 1 : 4 : 6 : 4 : 1. (a) By using binomial coefficients or Triangle of Pascal find the ratio of magnitude of each peak if 6 peaks exists. (b) How many adjacent nuclei are available in a spin 1 / 2 nucleus in such situation of 6 peaks?

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hi.i m student of chemical engg. and studying in 5 th can i improve my technical knowledge..can u sugest me a link like book or any website..?

3 Answers  

why Torispherical heads are used in pressure vessels?

1 Answers   India Cements,

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